Tuesday, October 19, 2010

84% of Willunga signs up for high speed broadband

High numbers of locals in First Release Site sign up to get connected for superfast broadband

20 October 2010

A high proportion of houses and businesses within the Willunga first release site have signed up for a standard optical fibre installation at no charge.

NBN Co Head of Construction, Patrick Flannigan said locals were keen to ensure their properties were amongst the first in Australia to experience superfast broadband on the National Broadband Network.

“Some 84% of eligible premises within the first release site have signed up to make their property “NBN ready”,” he said.

“Such a strong response shows the local community has overwhelmingly embraced the rollout of the network.”

“Households and businesses that have returned their completed consent form will have a thin fibre optic cable installed by running a cable from the street to their premise.”

“Once the local network goes live, residents with the installed fibre optic cable will be able to choose superfast broadband services from a retail service provider and arrange for their premises to be connected to the NBN. However, by signing up, there is no obligation to order new services from retailers,” said Mr Flannigan.

The National Broadband Network project aims to make high-speed broadband available to all Australians – 93% by fibre, 4% via wireless and 3% via satellite, subject to final network design.

Construction of the network is underway at five locations in mainland Australia, including Willunga. In 2011, construction is scheduled to commence at a further 19 sites across Australia.

Residents can contact NBN Co via the freecall community information line 1800 881 816, email connectme@nbnco.com.au, or by visiting www.nbnco.com.au

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Willunga encircled

The main drag in Willunga is about to be hit with the Broadband roll out.  Aldinga Rd is being criss-crossed as connections are made from side to side.  Orange. warning latticed fences dot the landscape and they are gradually encroaching onto High Street - the main coffee precinct of Willunga.  Today there was a mini black out - the power went down to quarter strength (well at least at our place in Moore St. Makes you wonder if a directional bit went through something important.  Who knows.  The laying of cable seems to have progressed smoothly, with minimal disruption to the public and politeness when confronted by slightly miffed drivers.