Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dodo announces NBN pricing | ZDNet

Dodo announces NBN pricing | ZDNet: "Dodo has finally revealed its National Broadband Network (NBN) pricing, making it the cheapest NBN retail service provider (RSP) by a very slim margin, and has included an "unlimited" plan for less than AU$60 per month.

Announced on Wednesday, the M2-owned telco has services starting at AU$29.90 for 10GB of data (5MB on peak and 5MB off peak) on line speeds of 12/1Mbps, and goes up to AU$89.90 for 2TB of data (1TB on peak and 1TB off peak) on 100/40Mbps. Its "unlimited" offering is for the 12/1Mbps line speed, and is available for AU$59.90. The plans do not include the connection fee, ongoing line rental, and cost of the modem. Dodo has also said that for an extra AU$15 per month, end users can extend the off-peak data on any of its plans to also be unlimited."

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