Sunday, December 1, 2013

NBN not as cheap, not as soon – but it will be slow

NBN not as cheap, not as soon – but it will be slow: "NBN chief Ziggy Switkowski is already casting doubts on the Malcolm’s Turnbull’s promise to finish the network sooner and at a lower cost.
On Friday the Senate Committee on the NBN questioned a reluctant Ziggy Switkowski on the second day of its first hearing. Even before the first NBN review, due later today, is published, Switkowski has cast doubts on whether costs can be contained or the implementation schedule met. Both were key issues in the election campaign, with the Coalition continually criticising Labor over cost overruns and the time it was all taking.

Switkowski now says it will be hard to meet Malcolm Turnbull’s 2016 deadline for connecting all premises in Australia to the largely FTTN network, confirming what he said at the recent Senate Estimate Committee hearings"

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